Band of Brothers - Gary Kenney

Band of Brothers - Gary Kenney

Sometimes we ride for ourselves because we love it.  And sometimes we ride for the benefit of others.  And so it was last Wednesday, January 30th when Stuart Dymond from the UK visited San Francisco to fulfill a Bucket List dream of riding across the Golden Gate Bridge, and having a photograph to document his experience. ~More~

Allyn Luenow lead the group of 10 bikes through San Francisco to provide more than just a ride across the Bridge.  We rode up and down roads that I’ve never been on to get the top of Twin Peaks, then on to Haight & Ashbury for a few historical and fun pictures, then several stops for photos of him, as well as the whole group with the Golden Gate Bridge in the distance.  Finally, the group rode across the bridge with Stuart in the lead. We got some great shots of him fulfilling his dream. To top things off, we rode to Sausalito to eat lunch at Salitos restaurant.  By the way, the crab enchiladas are to die for!!

I have to say that Stuart is a lucky man to have been put in contact with our Chapter who generously provided him with an experience, and photo documentation, for his bucket list dream.

Sometimes we ride for the benefit of others, but in the process we end up riding for ourselves as well.  Such is the case, in my mind, for this ride.  It seemed as if we were riding for something greater than ourselves.  It’s hard to put into words, and it’s difficult to describe the feeling you get when everything goes just as it should—without a hitch.  There was no way to expect how great the experience would be.  You can’t describe it, but you know it when you feel it— We were a band of brothers.

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